Is a Tantra Party Right for Me?

There are a few things to consider when thinking about including a Tantra lesson as part of your hen’s or birthday party:

  1. Venue  – the parties work best when we have a private room and can sit in a circle.  If you want to include ‘hip dancing’ to help awaken the shakti energy you’ll also need enough room to move around and get that energy flowing!  The lounge room of someone’s house is ideal, particularly if we can move the furniture to the side.  Alternatively speak with me about booking a space in a cosy yoga studio in Sydney.
  2. Guests – although we will be talking about spiritual sexuality, we are still talking about sex! There will be mention of lingams (penises), yonis (vaginas), orgasms and making love.  Although every effort is made to make the lesson as tasteful yet as fun as possible, and you are welcome to remove any components you don’t want, you might like to reconsider inviting any conservative relatives.
  3. Timing – to get the most out of your Tantra lesson try to include it towards the beginning of your evening.  A couple of drinks will help loosen your guests up so they can participate but too many and they might find it difficult to focus.
  4. Questions – one of the most enjoyable part of the lesson is when you get to ask your own questions.  Depending on the openness and intimacy of the group you may feel more comfortable asking these questions anonymously.  This can be done by giving your guests my email ahead of time, or having some pens and paper and bowl out before or during the lesson.  One of the most creative ways I’ve seen it done is by giving everyone a couple of pieces of paper at the beginning of the lesson on which they write a blessing to the bride, advice for a passionate marriage, share a memory they have with the bride OR ask a question for the goddess.  Then at the end of the lesson the bride sits in the centre of the circle with her eyes closed and the hens come and drop their notes into her lap (or tuck them into her clothing!).  The bride reads out the messages and questions are answered to close the lesson.

2 thoughts on “Is a Tantra Party Right for Me?

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