Tantra Parties for Women

Plan a party with a difference!

Parties can be tailored to meet your individual needs, venue and group size.

Sessions can be held at our Sydney yoga studio or a private venue of your choice.

Tantra parties run for 1 – 1.5 hours depending on what components you want to include.

Sessions cost $285

The session is designed to be both fun and educational.  The entire session is done clothed, and participants can opt out of any of the components they don’t feel comfortable with.  If you are considering a tantra party as part of a hen’s or birthday party, it is recommended that this part of your night occurs at the beginning (before too much alcohol is consumed) so you can get the most out of this fabulous learning opportunity. Each participant can receive an email after the party with summary notes of what we’ve covered.

It is recommended that your party includes:

  • Tantric ritual to create a sacred space and bless the bride/birthday girl
  • Meditation to connect with your body and breath
  • Entertaining talk about Tantra and what it can do
  • Practical instruction on how to make your love life more Tantric
  • Exercises (through breathing, pelvic floor muscles) to help you connect with your sexual centre and awaken it on command
  • Exercises done in pairs to practice Tantric connection (through eye gazing and breathing meditation) – learn how to enhance intimacy and passion with your lover
  • Lessons on Tantric communication – learn how to teach and be taught in bed without anyone’s feelings being hurt!

Other components you may want to consider:

  • Lessons in Tantric massage with or without lingam (penis) massage (learn to give the best hand jobs in the world!)
  • Instructional talk on female orgasm and how to achieve it more consistently
  • Exercises to learn some common Tantra poses and rituals
  • ‘Hip dancing’ lessons.  Enhance your sensuality and make him drool!
  • Talk on body image and how to become more confident in your skin
  • Question and answer session: your chance to speak with a trained Clinical Psychologist, sex therapist and Tantra goddess about the issues that most concern you in the comfort of a safe group.  These questions can be asked confidentially (written on slips of paper) or directly.  It is often a great chance to learn from other women’s stories and enjoy their support

For more information please email me on sydneytantrasessions@gmail.com

Also see ‘Is a Tantra Party right for me?‘ and ‘Why have a Tantra Party?’


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