Individual Tantra Sessions

Tantra Sessions for Men and Women

Please note:  This is an educational and NOT a sexual service

Sessions run for 1.5 hours from our Sydney location

Sessions cost $285

Learning Tantric skills and teachings can be a very nourishing experience. Tantra sessions can be enriching:

  • whether you are partnered or single
  • whether you are sexually experienced or inexperienced
  • no matter what age you are
  • irrespective of your sexual or gender identity
  • independent of your sexual history and attitudes
  • whether you feel you are sexually functioning well or poorly

Sessions can be tailored to meet your individual needs and will generally include:

  • an introduction to Tantric philosophy
  • meditation to help you connect with your body and breath
  • instruction on tantric breathing, movement and positions
  • introduction to the concept of sexual energy (eros) and how to awaken and move it
  • teaching on how to communicate during lovemaking
  • exercises in conscious touch
  • lessons in understanding the common pitfalls in sexual intimacy and how to avoid them
  • therapeutic exercises to assist with recovery from sexual dysfunction
  • teaching on tantric massage practices

For more information please email: (genuine enquiries only)



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